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  • Is this the official website of the GSM Plaza saka tinubu street, victoria island. Lagos. Nigeria?

    Yes.....This is the official website of the GSM Plaza saka tinubu, victoria island, Lagos. Nigeria.

  • Do i have to be a member before i post my ad?

    Yes.....this website is strictly for members of GSM Plaza (Association Of GSM Dealers) only.

  • Can the admin add and remove ad posted here?

    Yes..... Admin can add or remove ad(s) posted here if it does not comply with the rules and regulations guiding this website(Association of GSM Dealers).

  • What happens after i post my ad?

    (1) Our admin will review your ad very carefully and if all the fields are filled out correctly, it will be activated shortly within 24 hours. (2) You can find your advert on our website only when it is approved by our admin. (3) You will get a notification email when your advert is active. If there is something wrong with your advert, you will be notified about that and all the mistakes will be specified so that you can edit your advert correspondingly. (4) After publishing your advert, you can edit it again if needed and repost. Once done, your advert undergoes moderation by the admin before being activated on the website. (5) You shouldn’t publish adverts of the same content. They will be considered duplicates by our moderators and won’t go active on the website. You can always manage your ads by logging in to your account and clicking on My Ads.

  • How do i share my ads on social media?

    Log in to your gsmplaza account, go to My ads, click on the ad you want to share, select the particular social media icon to be able to share the link.

  • Does each member have their own page they can set up when they register. Can payments be integrated into the theme?

    Yes....... Each user will have there own page and dashboard. Payment can be made on the website.

  • What is packages?

    Packages are meant for sellers of any kind, but mostly for professional sellers/companies. They allow sellers to promote their ads actively and sell their products fast by getting up to 15 times more customers.

  • Is there any way to check messages, which is send to ads owner? comes with complete Messages solution. You just need to go to your dashboard to see all conversations

  • What are the pricing & fees for the package

    Visit our packages page to view all our packages & pricing. Paid package ads pop up much more frequently than standard ads. Also, we update and highlight them to get maximum visibility in search results and categories. Prices may vary based on the goals you wish to reach and budgets at your disposal.

  • Is subscription plan concerns both normal and featured ads?

    All Registered members can post free maximum of 5 ads in a month, And if member want to post featured ads then the member must need to purchase a package plan.